About Unboxed ART

Unboxed ART
is a St. Louis-based artist collaborative led by Jenny and Chris Donaldson.

Things are more fun together... So, we've linked arms. The rich artwork you'll find on this site and at our events is delivered through joint efforts to produce quality, unconventional artwork and make it accessible to anyone at an affordable price.
About the Artwork

Pottery |
- whimsical wheel-thrown clay creatures finished with textured papers to bring out their personality

Print |
The Earth, The Alphabet, And Me
a children's book featuring eco-friendly actions and vivid illustrations created from rescued wallpaper scraps

Jewelry |
Wired for Impact
fun and funky handmade jewelry created solely to benefit those in need and the community

About the Artists

  • Jenny Donaldson, potter & illustrator
    - A Saint Louis native, Jenny has been actively involved in the art community for years. Her work reflects her passion for unique forms and rich texture. Jenny's art education and work experience enable her to use challenging media in new ways. Her vivid illustrations unveil clever characters through the use of rescued wallpaper scraps. In response to her pottery, a double-take and smile is exactly what she's going for. Balance, function, planning... not a priority.
  • Chris Donaldson, jewelry designer
    For over 15 years, Chris has created custom jewelry. From classic to modern, his styles are influenced by his travels abroad and interest in art. Using beads from around the world and incorporating a variety of metals, Chris prefers to create pieces with an interesting story. The quality and intricacy of each piece reveals his passion and compulsive attention to detail.

  • Christine Pesout, author
    Christine, a highly decorated wordsmith, is a local Saint Louisan with a huge zeal for travel and the outdoors. Her love for the environment, community work, and animals combined with her work experience in the corporate, non-profit, and government sectors empower her to literally make a bouquet of words for any audience.