Wired for Impact jewelry is handcrafted in small batches using fine materials and unique elements. Great care is taken to ensure lasting quality, comfort, and timeless designs.

Chris Donaldson's current focus is very different from his custom work in the past - aggressively seeking to make a positive impact. Consider wearing a piece of handcrafted jewelry to spark a conversation and increase awareness, to reflect, to be thankful.

100% of all profits are donated.

The Focus, The Benefit

  • In 2010, the Pink and Artisan Collections benefited cancer. Scroll to access print-friendly versions of the collections.
  • 2011 - 2012 marks a new direction - Second - benefiting adoption. Click here to access the gallery in development.
The vision behind the latest collection - Second - is to use products in their second life to help give a child a new one. The jewelry will feature recycled materials, deconstructed items, unique metals, glass and semi-precious stones. The primary benefactors will be those loving and supporting orphans through adoption, which is so expensive and such a true labor of love.

Make a difference, then... wear it.

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 Preview Collection

Wired For Impact | Second Collection

Click here to access the Second gallery (in development). When more work appears, click on any piece to view larger photos.

Print-friendly version of the collection coming soon.

Wired For Impact | Pink Collection

Click here to access a print-friendly version of the collection.

Wired For Impact | Artisan Collection

Click here to access a print-friendly version of the collection.

 Shopping &
Online: Email Chris to place an order, explore materials available, or inquire on pricing.
              Custom orders are welcome. Online order form coming soon.

              Payment will be handled through PayPal Secure Payment Services. PayPal and all major
              credit cards accepted. Shipment will be made through a trackable means, and time frame
              is app. one week.

St. Louis:
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About the Artist

Chris has created custom jewelry for over 15 years. From classic to modern, his styles are influenced by his travels abroad and interest in a wide variety of art.

Chris prefers to create pieces with an interesting story using beads from around the world, a variety of metals, and recycled items. The quality and intricacy of each piece reveals his passion and compulsive attention to detail.