The Earth, The Alphabet, And Me
An ABC guide to eco-friendly actions for children of all ages
Written by Christine Pesout and illustrated by Jenny Donaldson, this book features 26 small ways kids can make a big difference in the environment.
"The Earth, the Alphabet and Me" provides not only an understanding of why it's important to take care of the environment, but also 26 specific, age-appropriate actions children can take to do just that. Using the ABCs as a guide, this book educates kids on a range of environmental issues (water and energy conservation, waste reduction, litter, reuse, recycling) in an approachable and empowering manner.
Unique, collage-based illustrations depict children working both individually or with family and friends to respect the earth at home and at play.  Each original illustration was created using wall paper remnants to give each page vibrant colors and text

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