Welcome to the Zu!

Zuliganz (pronounced zoo•li•gans) is the name of Jenny Donaldson’s mischievous wheel-thrown clay creatures.
Most begin as 3-footed wacky animals and are finished with textured papers to bring out their personality.

After many years of stacking and altering clay forms, Jenny began making these whimsical creatures. Looking for alternatives to glazing, she began experimenting with other options for the clay surface. Rich paper with lots of texture was the perfect fit.
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Following are just a few species from the Zuliganz herd:


Helpers | Shop
Looking for a little funktion in the Zuliganz form?
These are made to serve.

Old Timers | Shop

Some Zuliganz have been around for a while... and are working on their second lives (through the use of recycled materials).


Monsters | Shop

These Zuliganz clearly come from a different place. Let your imagination run.


Verts| Shop

Make use of that vertical space. Zuliganz are also available on canvas wall tiles.


Curious how Zuliganz are made?

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